How To Check Your CIBIL Score By Pan Card Online Hassle Free

Free CIBIL score check using PAN card available online. You will also get monthly updates on your credit report. However, there is a cost associated with accessing your score through the TransUnion  website. However, in order to check your credit score, you must furnish your PAN Card.

The only way to view your credit score is with a valid PAN Card. When you apply for a loan or credit card, the first thing a lender will look at is your credit score. A good credit score indicates that a borrower is trustworthy and can be relied upon to make timely loan payments. If your credit history is strong, lenders are more likely to grant you a loan. The CIBIL score can be accessed quickly and for free every month with a PAN card.

With a PAN card, you may check your CIBIL score on most internet platforms. However, offers a free Experian credit score, report, and monthly updates. Check also the significance of the PAN Aadhar Link.

Follow the below procedures to obtain your free CIBIL score:

  1. Visit Bajaj Finserv website.
  1. Select the Credit Score link.
  1. Enter your name, email address, and phone number.
  1. Accept the terms and conditions and then click “Let’s Go.”
  1. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile device.
  1. You will receive your credit score in PDF format through email.
  1. To access your report, you must enter the password, which consists of the first four uppercase letters of your first name followed by the last four digits of your cell number.

You will be able to view and download your detailed credit report after entering the password.

The report contains your current Experian score, personal information, PAN number, and credit card and personal loan account information.

Your PAN card is used to keep track of your important financial transactions at financial organizations like banks and credit unions. If you do not have a PAN card, there is a significant chance that you have never applied for or received any type of credit. Under these circumstances, no credit bureau will be able to create a credit score for you.

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