Here’s A Quick Guide To Avail Of Personal Loan In India

Most people are talking about personal loans for financing their expenses. With the help of a personal loan, you can easily convert all your purchases into equity and monthly installments. Simply a personal loan is an unsecured loan that you can take from a banking or non-banking financial institution. 

You can get it based on your credit, income level, loan repayment capacity, for employment history. Unlike the home loan or the car loan, the personal loan is collateral-free. It means that it is not secured against any assets.

Purpose of using a personal loan

One can apply for a personal loan online in any financial emergency. The bank will not tend to monitor the use of personal loans. For instance, you can use the personal loan to renovate your home, make marriage-related expenses, purchase any electronic gadgets, plan a family vacation, or meet any unexpected medical expenses.

Eligibility criteria

You can take a personal loan if you have a regular source of income. Any professional person, including the salaried individual or the self-employed business person with a good credit history, can take a personal loan. Apart from that, one should also fulfill the general criteria, including age, income, occupation, capacity to repay, and the borrower’s residency.

One can give personal loans for both longer or shorter than yours. It ranges from 12 months to 60 months. One can borrow an amount based on loan repayment capacity. One needs to choose the loan amount in such a way so that their equated monthly installment does not become more than 40 to 50% of the total income. 

Apart from that, the borrowers should look forward to the lower personal loan interest rate only to get the benefits of a Flexi personal loan. While you choose the personal loan, you must be very careful about the terms and conditions as you would not want to have it as a burden.

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